Making DeFi Safer

Tokerr is the one-stop ecosystem with a singular goal – to create safety, security and accessibility for DeFi investors.

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About Tokerr

Tokerr is the one-stop ecosystem with a singular goal – to create safety, security and accessibility for DeFi investors. All the Tokerr utilities and dapps have been carefully envisioned prioritizing the investors, and trying to fix unique problems that plague DeFi, from the ground up.


DeFi Problems

Our goal is to allow users of Tokerr products an environment where they can invest with peace of mind and the knowledge that their investments are safe.

We know that some of the biggest memecoins that have created millionaires started off as small launches. But, investing in this space carries a huge risk due to the anonymity of the developers and the team, and there being a lack of control on the developers and the contracts they might create.

Most investors do not have powerful enough, or intuitive enough tools that allow them to invest with the full knowledge to ensure their own safety. Most investors tend to depend on “callers” and “influencers” , many of who are anonymous themselves. This overdependence on second-hand information has led to many investors unfortunately losing money.

As of 2022, estimated global crypto ownership rates are an average of 4.2%, with over 320 million crypto users worldwide; with this number predicted to be over 1 billion by 2030. As crypto adoption continues to grow at an incredible pace, it means that there are new investors entering the space daily. Simultaneously, blockchain technology itself is constantly evolving due to innovation. This can leave investors, both new and old, often lost in a space with a large number of chains, with over 100 new tokens being created each day.

Although there are a number of strong, innovative and successful projects in the market, there are many promising ones that have failed due to a lack of expert coordination – with teams sometimes lacking crucial elements for success. An individualistic attitude due to the freedom of decentralization often holds back many potential (and often innovative) ideas from achieving their full potential. This is, in part, due to the lack of a true, live collaborative space.


Tokerr Factory
Tokerr DEX
Tokerr Essentials
Tokerr Lab
Tokerr Fund

Tokerr Factory.

The Tokerr Deployer Bot is an easyto-use multichain telegram bot and dapp through which users with even little or no experience of coding can launch tokens within minutes, on various chains. The bot is designed so that developers cannot add any malicious functions or create any malicious code.

  • Contract verified immediately on deployment
  • Maximum taxes cannot be increased beyond a preset amount for each chain
  • Liquidity locked as soon as token is live/option to burn
  • Every contract includes the Tokerr Anti-Bot System
  • Minimum 97% of the supply must be locked
  • Preset minimum lock time
  • No mint functions
  • No honeypot functions
  • ...and more
400+ launched projects on our platform

Safe Certificate

Non-transferrable NFT certificate will be automatically awarded to every token launched through the Tokerr Deployer Bot, on deployment


Telegram channel where every single token that launches through the Tokerr Deployer Bot is instantly posted, with all the relevant information that an investor needs to see before investing.


A multichain, safe, liquidity locker with a verified locker contract.

Tokerr DEX.

An intuitive, customizable, all-in one, multichain charting dapp. Most charting tools and dapps feel incomplete in some way, with some dapps having features that others are lacking and vice versa. This has caused investors to use a multitude of dapps and tools just to keep track of their investments across various chains.

Coming soon!

The Tokerr Essentials bundle is designed to provide DeFi investors with the necessary powerful tools to be able to act on investment decisions without the need to depend on external, secondhand sources or tools.

Tokerr LAB

A “decentralized collaboration laboratory”, where ideas can be shared and worked on live, like a hive mind. More than providing just a forum for exchange of ideas, TokerrLab allows users to actually connect with each other and collaborate in real time.

Tokerr FUND

This system automatically accumulates 30% of the income from the entire Tokerr Ecosystem (including all upcoming utilites), and regularly distributes it amongst holders who stake their tokens on the Tokerr platform: Flexible with no lockup time, earn stable USDT, and fully independent of TOKR's price!

Tokerr development plan

Phase 1
  • Launch Beta Deployer bot for BSC
  • V1 Website and whitepaper
  • Private sale with Gempad Diamond Club
  • Build the community
  • Partnership with GemPad
  • Launch $TOKR on Binance Smart Chain
  • Initial marketing push
  • Launch Final version of Tokerr Deployer Bot for BSC
  • Launch the Tokerr Deployer Channel
Phase 2
  • Updates to Tokerr Deployer Bot
  • V2 Website and Whitepaper
  • Get listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Launch TokerrBridge
  • Begin building Tokerr Scanner Bot
  • Launch Tokerr Deployer Bot for Ethereum
  • Launch Tokerr Deployer Bot for MultiChain
  • Launch Tokerr Scanner Bot
  • UI design for TokerrLocker
  • UI design for TokerrDEX
  • Launch of TokerrFUND
Phase 3
  • UI design for TokerrLab
  • Further partnerships
  • Massive marketing push
  • CEX listings
  • Begin building TokerrDEX
  • Begin Building TokerrLab
  • Release TokerrDEX
  • Release TokerrLab
Phase 4
  • Continued innovation and improvement to existing utilities
  • Planning and ideation on further utilities

Our Tokenomics

Keeping it very simple on ETH


Buy/Sell Tax

Total supply :

1.000.000 $TOKR

Our Trusted Partners.

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